When you take care of the Basics and you build on that, the Sky is the limit. 
~ Every high rise has to have a good foundation or it will crumble into the sea…
~ The half full glass has a better chance of overflowing the rim than the half empty one…
~ With a positive attitude the job is halfway done…

You will be hearing more of these from me…very little self-pity will be shared on the HauteOuma webpage 🙂 

I am positive to the point of irritating the hell out of everybody that tends to lean towards the negative, 
I love minimalism, a small carbon footprint, puzzles, books, healthy chocolate and a good red wine.
I adore my husband, my children, grandchild, and all their pets and pains.
I enjoy technology and it’s uses, with one requirement – Do not allow it to take control over your coming and going, your timeout, your productivity or your mindset.
Every new challenge is seen as an opportunity to acquire more skills. Failing is part of the process, but giving up is not.

Please do join me on my journey to share everything basic you need, to lay the foundation for enhancing your lifestyle with whatever you need and I can offer. I aim to trigger your interest in a variety of topics, techs, treats or trainings, and allow you to grow in your own time and in your own style.