Basic Training Courses

No-clue Course

The ideal course for the complete newbie to computer use | new cellphone or tablet.

We know what it is like when you struggle, are frustrated and your family members do not have the patience to help or teach you.

You can call 0827791957 and we will establish what your needs are and get you sorted in no time.

Support will happen either in a pre-arranged Coffee shop, on-site or via telephone until you have a basic understanding of getting online and continue your training via the internet from the comfort of your home.


A One-time Consultation Fee of R420  - The Basics on how to Access and Navigate your device, Download and use Teamviewer|Skype for easy, future support.

Further online training and support will happen at the cost of R140 per hour.

Onsite training will attract travelling cost for distances greater that 10km.

Back-to-Basics Course

You have been using a computer|tablet|the internet for some time but you do not really know what you are doing, you keep losing your stuff and your filing system is a mess.

We use software like Teamviewer|Skype to connect or in person, and we Show and Teach you to create and manage an efficient filing system, quick navigation of your device, keyboard shortcuts and general tips.

Your course will start with a 3hr introduction to establish where you are at and how far back the first step will have to be, before we can move forward again.


3hr Introduction - R420

Thereafter 30 min - 1 hr sessions at R140 p/h as needed.


Many people only use their computer for three main reasons: to connect to friends/family on Skype, Send and receive Emails and Access the Internet.

This course will be well-suited to especially the older generation that develops a need to move online to connect. I have loads of patience and will always stress the importance of being safe online.

This training can be as customised as needed. Every person has their own needs when learning new software. Some will only need a few questions answered, as they have already been using the software for some time, where others will have to be taken by the hand, right from the start, and everybody learns at a different pace.


1 Hr sessions at R140 p/h until you feel comfortable using your software.

Further sessions are arranged on a need-to basis.