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At Hauteouma we would like to customise your experience as much as possible.  Adding you as a Basic Member is a manual process and we would like to get to know every member a little better before granting full access.  Please fill in the below form - we promise no more forms to fill from here on (unless you upgrade your membership of course).

Once we reviewed and approved your application, your Account will be setup with all the necessary access to Discount Coupons, Trainings and More Blog posts, Tips and Tutorials. We are creating and designing this platform to serve as your practical online friend when you need one. Feel free to give us a call during office hours when you are getting stuck with the technical how to's required to navigate our site successfully.

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Should you need any assistance navigating our Webpage, Shop, Trainings or Tutorials please feel free to give us a call during our available Office hours:

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