Computer Basics

Technology made easy

In order to finish any project successfully you need to start with the correct basics. The same counts for having a good relationship with technology in a fast evolving industry.

Start right, finish right and if you were thrown in at the deep end and you are struggling now, you need to return back to basics first.

I was one of the lucky ones that had the opportunity to start using a computer before my children did, meaning that I could master the skill of using a computer when things were still running on DOS, then Win 3.1, then Win 98, Win XP (Win Vista was a mess), then Win 7, let's rather not talk about Win 8, and now Windows 10. So you see I've had my fair share of struggling, learning, swearing and loads of successes.

What makes me the perfect tutor? --  I have loads of patience and saying the same thing over and over until you are sure you grasped a concept, is no problem to me.

Remind me to tell you the story about my first computer class, way back in the 80's, and how that demonstration of the structure of DOS helped me to understand everything about Trees, Directories, Folders and Files.

Getting the Basics right is the main reason why I do what I do today:  Finding every opportunity to help people, and especially Woman of all ages, and even more so, the more mature woman, to create opportunities to experience the freedom and empowerment the digital age can bring them.

I want to be your stepping stone to gather knowledge, learn new skills, live your passions, grow a business and expand your vision. Using technology efficiently can open up new worlds and allow you to step into your future.

Standard training courses

Its all about getting the basics right

No Clue Course

The ideal course for the complete newbie to computer use | new cellphone or tablet.

This will happen either in person, on-site or telephonically until you

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Back to Basics

You have been using a computer|tablet|the internet for some time but you do not really know what you are doing, you keep losing your stuff and your filing system is a mess.

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Many people only use their computer for three main reasons:

to connect to friends/family on Skype, Send and receive Emails and Access the Internet.

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WordPress DIY Training

Ready to try your hand at building your own Blog/Website

You are ready to create your website/blog using the Content Management System from WordPress.

Blogging has turned into the perfect way to market your Small Business on a tight budget, but you need a website for that.

The low-cost solution where you have more time than money is to create your own Website using WordPress. I take you from registering your domain name and hosting, right through to building and publishing your website, step by step.

Work from Home

The Modern way of Working is From Home

This is a very fluid type of support/training for the aspiring Home Entrepreneur.

You might already have a vision or not. I brainstorm with you, to give structure to your ideas or even realize more options, to establish a home-based business to suit your environment and lifestyle. Help with product creation, bringing your business online and teaching you the skills necessary to start and market your business online.