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Dreams are good friends, not miracles

Dreams are good friends, they stay with you a lifetime…They can disappear in a moment. When you lost your dream, it can take a lifetime to retrieve.

It is good to have dreams, but dreams will never be miracles. Dreams can only come true when you work hard at making them happen.

My Hauteouma journey is a dream that is slowly taking shape. The shape of a training, teaching and motivating platform where I can share some of the knowledge I so eagerly like to gather.  Okay, I will admit… I am an Info-gatherer :-), Chaos-sorter and Energizer-bunny that loves the freedom to be in control of the hours I work and when I do things for fun… and Do I like to do things for shear fun!!

Mom, Ouma, Carer and Entrepreneur by Nature
Skincare Therapist and lover of IT and technology by choice
Sewing, Painting, Gardening, Teaching, Reading, Puzzles for FUN and RELAXATION ~ growing the MIND and filling the half-full GLASS
Living as non-complicated as possible – Knowledge is in abundance in a modern lifestyle, pick it, use it and share it.

Living your dream does not necessarily mean that you have to have it all, always be in control or even achieve mind-blowing success to impress.

Living your Dream is to wake up in the morning and feeling that you are in control of the choices you are going to make today, start your day with purpose, have a plan for today, tomorrow and beyond…

To have a vision for the near and distant future.
The humility to ask, to shape, to bend, to learn and the drive to execute.

Five steps towards Living your Dream

  1. Get rid of emotional baggage: Let go of any grudges, forgive those that needs to be forgiven. Embrace those that needs a hug ~ hug them enough times until you like them. Do not allow small irritations to dictate your mood. You are the creator of your destiny. You can not move forward while looking backwards.
  2. Add more healthy choices to your lifestyle: Healthy does not only mean you need to remove the bad things, it also means that you need to add the Healthy choices to your lifestyle, diet and mindset.
  3. Never go to bed at night without a plan: Tomorrow is just as important as today. Plan your next day before going to bed, then get a good night’s rest in order to start your day with a plan in hand.
  4. Life is a song ~ dance to the tune and SMILE: What is your rhythm of choice? A light airy jingle, a march, slow sexy jazz, hard rock or heavy metal. Be sure that the music you play in your mind has a positive beat that makes you feel better, faster and more vibrant! SMILE often, LAUGH out loud and DANCE to the beat, with your body and in your soul.
  5. Dream, Plan, then take the FIRST STEP: If you don’t have a dream yet, create one. Start your research in making your dream come true. No dream is too big ~ Scale your Planning to match your Dream Lifestyle, not the other way round.

I have created a Worksheet for you to download, print and use to get into the habit of putting your goals and plans for tomorrow on paper. Stick it up on your bathroom mirror, on the fridge, next to your PC/laptop screen and follow the steps you planned last night. Do this every night and you will soon find that you are more focused on the future and the direction you are moving in.

Have Goals? Use our Pretty Goal Planner to pin your goals down to a date. You can also use it as a Birthday calendar to remember to buy those very important gifts and attend your friend’s yearly Tea party!

Share your Dreams and Goals with us in the comment section. May it be a business you plan to start or grow into an empire, or perhaps you plan to travel the world? Once you shared it on a public platform like this, chances are good that you are ready to commit and Follow your Dreams!

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