Gold Membership

More often than not, you have an idea, maybe a plan, and all you need is the support of another woman or perhaps a number of women, to help you take that first daring steps to implement the idea or the plan.

Knowing where to start is sometimes the biggest obstacle on your road to success.

Fear of the Unknown, Fear of failure and humiliation can prevent you from jumping into the water.  Sitting on the edge, sticking your toe into the water is not going to teach you to swim...

Do you feel that you are already in the water, treading water but not going forward? Sign up for Gold Membership and learn to swim in your own time, at your own speed with a soft hand at your back for support.

Gold Membership on Hauteouma will help you get your body wet and slowly teach you to swim, on a variety of Software, Hardware, Tools, Ideas, Projects, Skills and Crafts, to eventually allow you to put your business ideas onto a Webpage and Online Shopfront of your own. Maybe you are not ready for a Business, Website, Social Media and Networking quite yet...? Then use our Tutorials, E-Books and Tips and Tools to enhance your life, improve your computer skills or learn more about a new hobby or craft you find interesting. We aim to build a platform where there can be something for just about any woman signing up for Gold Membership.