How to make having the flu bearable

It doesn’t matter where you live, how isolated you live or how healthy you live, flu viruses and cold germs tend to find their way into your body. It seems to be my turn to have some of these nasties attacking my immune system, so I thought it a good idea to share with you a few of my solutions to make having the flu more bearable.

QUICK NOTE: This is a slightly tongue in cheek post, with a serious undertone…

If you are any bit like me, you will try to avoid the doctor and the long list of medications to take at regular intervals, as long as possible.  Whether you will just have the sniffles or a full-blown flu will probably depend on which nasty is attacking you and how strong your immune system is.

Avoid if possible

The most obvious way of not getting the flu is to avoid other people that you know is sick. Avoid them like the plaque. Wash your hands after shaking hands. No hugging and kissing, unless they are your grandchildren of course ~ then you take what’s coming your way…

During flu season avoid sharing the lift and other cramped spaces like taxis
– take the stairs – it gives you strong muscles and save on gym fees
– walk – it keeps you healthy and fit and less vehicles on the road
– at work – wash your cup/mug again before using it
– public bathrooms – avoid touching any handles after washing your hands
– boost your immune system – eat your veggies, herbs, loads of immune boosting foods and Vitamin C.

Rooibos Tea with Cinnamon, Ginger, Honey & Lemon

You’ve got the flu, now make it better for yourself

Even with all the above preventative steps, you will probable still get the flu or at least a very bad cold, some time. There are few measures you can take to give yourself some TLC and feel a little bit better in a not so good situation.

  • At the first signs of a cold or flu – TAKE SOME TIME OUT! The sooner you admit you are sick and take yourself away from other people, the less chance there is for you to be responsible for spreading more germs.
  • On your way home buy essential oils to use: Look for Eucalyptus essential oil, Rosemary and Peppermint to create your own Homemade Nasal Inhalant.
    2 drops Eucalyptus essential oil
    2 drops Rosemary essential oil
    1 drop Peppermint essential oil
    1 tablespoon rock salt
    Combine the ingredients. Place a few pieces of rock salt in a glass vial and add the oils. The salt will quickly absorb the oil. Inhale as needed.
    source: Aromatherapy – A complete guide to the healing art ~ Kathi Keville and Mindy Green
  • Drinks lots of water and keep your body hydrated. A really soothing drink to put together is a Cinnamon and Ginger infused Rooibos Tea. Add a slice of Lemon and a teaspoon of raw honey. Climb in bed and sip your tea – Repeat every 3 hours.
  • Another essential oil you should not be without is Lavender. Lavender works wonders for a persistent flu headache. Run a bath, add a few drops of Lavender to a facecloth and let it float on the water while breathing the soothing vapours of Lavender.
  • You are not going to feel like dying all the time. Be sure to have a good novel next to your bed and get as much bed rest as possible. Keep you body temperature constant to allow your white blood cells to do their job.
  • Struggling to breath at night? Apply a good lipbalm, and use a vapour balm on your chest area. You can use a commercial vapor balm that use derivatives of essential oils  or you can make your own Natural alternative:  
    1 teaspoon peppermint essential oil
    1 teaspoon eucalyptus essential oil
    1/2 teaspoon thyme essential oil
    1/2 cup of olive oil
    3/4 ounce shaved beeswax

    Melt the beeswax into olive oil over a very low heat. Cool a bit, add essential oils, and stir (be sure to keep your face away from the oils as you stir them in).  Allow the mixture to harden.  Store at room temperature. NOTE: This is a higher than normal amount of essential oils, since the mixture is used over a small area rather than the whole body.
    source: Aromatherapy – A complete guide to the healing art ~ Kathi Keville and Mindy Green

    Need more info on Vaporub and essential oils for kiddies – Visit Mommypotamus
  • Eat regularly, even is you don’t feel like it. You will need your strength to recover and fight the nasties. Light toast with a Bovril or Marmite spread with a decent cup of tea to go, is always easy to consume when you don’t feel like eating. The salt also helps to replace electrolytes lost when you sweat.

Speedy recovery!

Share with us a few of your cold and flu remedies in the comments. There are many and we all have to find what helps for “me”, as different solutions will work for different people.

When all else fails

This post is not to tell you not to go to the doctor!  If you do not see light in the tunnel after 3 to 4 days, you develop a high fever, feeling at all dizzy and the infections spread to you lungs, ears and sinuses you have to make an appointment with your doctor…but you can still use the TLC tips above to get you through the worst.

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