How to Write on any PDF file

Receiving and sending files in .pdf format is fast becoming the norm, especially when you want to send secure information. For the average woman it is okay to receive forms to fill, brochures to browse, spreadsheets to use the data, Invoices, Statements, images to print etc. in pdf format. Adobe pdf reader can be downloaded and used for free to open and use pdf files.

Adobe Acrobat Reader DC has a large number of built-in options for us to use, of which some are on a paid basis and some are on a free option.  The one option that we are most interested in is, the option that allows us to fill and sign forms and documents for free.

No need to print and fill forms, then scan again and send back to the sender anymore. Less printing, more trees, save the planet!

I have used the Hotline numbers download file to show you how to fill pdf forms and write on any pdf file, then print or/and save to your computer.

Adobe is making our lives so much easier.  Use Pdf reader on your mobile, use your finger or stylus to fill, sign and send forms, share booklets, pamphlets and brochures to your friends.

How often do you use a Pdf reader? Still struggling with pdf’s? Feel free to join our Basic Membership, join the community and ask your questions. 

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