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Pretty ways to have the Hotline numbers available

I am done with the little sticky notes and scraps of paper dangling on the fridge. Magnets in all shapes and colours holding down anything from a quick recipe to the Electrician’s telephone number, to the number of the new client you need to phone. 

In a modern world we are all suppose to have the important phone numbers we regularly use, saved on our cellphones, but still, the scraps of paper with numbers jotted down are in every drawer, under every flowerpot, stuck to a notice board and heaven knows where else.

Who can relate?

What if you lost your phone or the battery dies at the moment you need the number of the Police, or the Firebrigade, or heaven forbid, the Emergency service. What if you are not at home and your children, domestic worker or carer needs one of those numbers.  

Time to bring back the trusted paper, pen and ink setup to save the really important numbers! Whip up a design or two to make it look pretty and even you will be able to live with one piece of paper on the fridge, and everyone will know where to find the numbers.

The single A4 paper

I have prepared a printable for you to use to save you some time. Download, Print, Fill, Laminate, add a magnet to the back and leave stuck to the trusted fridge.
Or, you can Print and Laminate, then fill the numbers with a Marker, which will allow you to erase and change numbers.
Another option is to Download the Pdf file, Open and type the info before printing and laminating. (Don’t you just hate writing on lines and in blocks?  )  –  I have created a short post to show you how to Fill pdf files with your computer in case you haven’t done that before – How to Write on any Pdf file

The Keyring 

Another efficient and tidy way of keeping the Emergency numbers available is laminated cards on a keyring, as long as the whole lot don’t disappear into a drawer with more scraps of paper!

Best way to keep the keyring always available is by attaching it to the base station of the landline or attach a strong magnet to the keyring and hang on the fridge, but do not put it in that deep dark drawer, where everything that goes in, never comes back out again.

I have created a colourful template for you to print, cut, punch holes in the corners, fill and add to a keyring, to keep your hotline numbers available. You can of course also laminate the individual cards before punching the holes to help them last longer.

print keyring card template
keyring cards
emergency keyring

These are my permanent solutions to the dreaded scraps of paper.  There are so many more ways to tidy up the fridge and the drawer besides having an old fashioned telephone book with scratched out numbers and old numbers and new numbers and never seem to find the right number in an instant.

Please share your solutions with us in the comments below!

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