WordPress DIY Training

WordPress CMS

Get the Skills to Build a Website or Blog of your own

We guide you in registering your Domain Name and Monthly Hosting.
Discussing what to look for when choosing a Host for your Blog/Website.
We look at cost and compare your Budget with your Time.
We take you through all the basics to start you right, with out any confusion on what happens when and where.
We will guide on Time Management which is important when you decide to step into the world of Blogging.
Follow on to the step by step Course on managing your DIY Blog

You have your Domain, the right Hosting, a platform where you can install your WordPress installation and you are ready to give it a go.
We guide you on the general installation process which might differ from platform to platform, depending on your Service provider.
Should you need assistance during installation - give us a call.
Watch a video to see the behind the scenes of the pretty front of WordPress.
Be Introduced to WordPress, one of the fastest growing open-source Content Management Systems for Newbies